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All Home Improvements Are Not Created Equal

You want what you want in your home, yes, and you should have it! However, just be aware that some of the improvements that make you more happy and comfortable in your home may not add the value upon resale that you invested. Some improvements could actually decrease the value and make the home harder to sell. So even if you don’t plan on selling for awhile, be aware of how your home improvements may affect the value and marketability of your home down the road.

You want a bigger master bedroom or kitchen, great, but don’t delete bedrooms from the house or make bedrooms so small that they are the size of a large walk in closet. If you need to claim space from a room, chose rooms that have ample space to donate. Or for a kitchen open up your floor plan to keep similar functional spaces, but increase the portion of the room you desire, like a larger kitchen.

Check with the code or a real estate agent when converting spaces to bedrooms. That study is not a bedroom until it has at least a closet, and hopefully a adjoining or close full bathroom. The basement room is not a bedroom until it has a specific sized ingress egress window that meets local fire code, a closet, and hopefully a full bathroom nearby.

We have all driven by that house that looks like a toddler stuck some Lego pieces together awkwardly. Added space can raise the value of a house, but don’t make it an eye sore. Be careful to work with an architect, draftsman, etc. to render a picture that has curb appeal by seeming to fit with the original design, roof style and line, etc.

When thinking about spending your home improvement dollars, know the current market trends to stretch your dollars and maximize the return on your investment. Today this means wood instead of carpet, new light switches, refinishing popcorn ceilings, paint versus wallpaper, and many more. A good contractor, real estate agent or other real estate professional can assist you with these decisions.

Be forewarned that expensive to maintain luxuries can detract from your homes appeal, as the new owners may not want the amenity and will factor in the cost to remove it. This is highly dependent on what price point you are at and the market you are in. Some of these items may be putting greens, koi ponds, swimming pools, fountains, hard to maintain landscaping, etc. By all means enjoy your chicken coop, but be prepared to remove it before listing your home for sale, or include in the disclosures that you would be willing to do so by closing.

For more information about these tips and more tips related to selling a house, please write or contact me. Please also share your tips and stories about home improvements and how they relate to your home sale.