Make Your Offer Stand Out

Depending on the market you are in for real estate, there are some hot ones and relatively cold ones. Even in currently cold markets, there are sub-sections of the market that are hot. The home that is well taken care of and priced right will sell relatively quickly with less of a discount in most markets. There are ways to have your offer stand out above the others, so you can get your dream home.

First, you need to do the soul searching faze. There are many tools to aide in the process and a great real estate can be one of them. Sit down and write down your home priorities. Then come back to those priorities the next day and write down why they are important to you, in terms of your preferences and lifestyle in the past, currently and what you want in your future. Ask your real estate agent for tools to get you thinking about all the aspects of your new home that you should think about.

Once you have identified your likes and dislikes, have been educated about the market, and have seen first hand some properties, you should be ready and willing to make a great competitive offer for homes that have recently come on the market especially for hot markets that will be competitive. Your real estate agent should be able to help gauge how quickly a home may sell.

All the leg work is so you feel good about making a quick competitive offer. To sweeten the deal for the buyer there are a number of things you can do. If the seller/market is asking for 1% earnest money deposit, offer 1.5% or 2%, which displays your commitment to purchasing their property. Shortening the time of your contingencies and  possibly removing some put the seller more at ease, by removing or lessening hurdles for the home to be sold. Having a great mortgage brokerage that is trusted and will vouch for your good qualification status can be helpful. Limiting what you may be asking the seller to do in the initial contract, such as the removal of something from the house or yard, will make it more stress free and more attractive for the seller.

Also make sure your agent knows you well, why you love the property and encourage them to express that to the seller. A seller loves to hear positive feedback on their home and knowing more about who may occupy it after them may encourage them to pick one buyer over the other, when the offers are similar.

If you have stories about comparing offers, making offers, comments, questions, etc, please write below, send me an email, or give me a call. I would love to hear about your experiences and answer your questions. If you are thinking about getting started in your home search, contact me so I can send you information and questionnaires to get your started in the process.

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